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Deciding to change jobs or even having that decision forced upon you can be stressful. It's right up there with moving house, getting married/divorced, completing your tax return or lending your car to your aging parents! We're here to help. 

True you aren't paying our bills but ensuring you make the right decision is as important to us, as the client making the right decision. So we will really try and get to know you. Our initial meeting will be as much about you as it is your experience. What do you want out of life? What do you do at the weekends? Family? Dogs? (Cats if we really have to go there). Where have you travelled? Who inspires you? Who makes you despair? What rattles you? You'll get to know us too...after all, a relationship is a two-way process. 

We are small and proud of it so we will never have high volumes of opportunities but the ones we do will be great, relevant and we will know the full story. We are big too...big-minded. If we think you should be talking to other recruiters we will tell you...and which ones. If we think you should stay put, we will tell you. We are in it for the long haul...just as you are.

Can we help YOU?

We can't help everyone, but if you have a strong track record within one of the sectors we operate in...and, of course, you work in marketing, we probably can. We think of marketing as incorporating: advertising; brand; category; content; CRM & loyalty; customer journey; data & analytics; digital & social; e-commerce; events; general marcomms; innovation & NPD; insights; marketing operations; marketing strategy; martech management; partnership marketing; product marketing; retail marketing; segmentation; shopper marketing; and sponsorship. 

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