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We're different. We are a straight-talking, opinionated, boutique, marketing recruitment business, guided by deep market knowledge, curiosity and an overarching desire to deliver win-win solutions.

Our values

Hire Aspirations has integrity


We only want genuine win-win outcomes. We are driven by the successful marriage of marketing talent with great opportunities.

Hire Aspirations thrives on transparency


If you stuff up, we will tell you. If your expectations are unrealistic, we will tell you. If you low-ball an offer, we will call it. If we make a mistake, we’ll admit it.

Hire Aspirations behaves decently


We don’t need rules and charters – just one guiding principle. We will always do the right thing by you – and we hope that it will be reciprocated.

It is fun recruiting marketers through Hire Aspirations


Your marketing career is a serious business, as is marketing recruitment but it is not a matter of life or death, so we aim to help you enjoy the ride, as we do.

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hire aspirations testimonial

I have worked with Andy as a candidate and client for seven years and let’s just say, he gets it. He took the time to understand what I was looking for in candidates, and was relentless in ensuring he found the right solution. He has great connections in many markets...

Renee Howie, Marketing Director of AMP

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy is not your typical leader in the recruitment industry - many leaders and brands in this category have come and gone, but Andy has built a solid reputation for great candidate care and client excellence over an extended period.  Well respected in the industry and with deep connections to...

Nick Adams, Chief Customer Officer of Greencross/Petbarn

hire aspirations testimonial

I returned to Australia after seven years in the US and Andy gave me an insightful overview of the market and immediately connected me with thought leaders.  Considering I was quite far down the track with CommBank’s x15ventures at the time, I sincerely appreciate the time and expertise Andy still...

Claire McIntyre, Chief Brand & Marketing Officer of Kit

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy is unquestionably one of Australia’s leading marketing recruitment consultants. He has an intimate understanding of the modern marketing leader’s remit; both from a technical standpoint and from a team leadership perspective. At different points throughout my career, Andy has provided sound advice regarding the best path forward for my...

Kate Thomas, Former Marketing Director of Aje

hire aspirations testimonial

Working with Andy on placing me into my new role was a wonderful experience. What set Andy apart was his genuine care for people and the company he represented. He took the time to ensure the expectations of the role and culture of the company matched my experience, skills and values. Andy kept...

Michelle Chandran, Former Head of Loyalty & CLM at Petbarn of now Head of Growth & Retention at Stan

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy is the only recruiter I trust implicitly. I have worked with Andy over several years during which we have had lengthy discussions on what makes a brand great (and grow), what good culture looks like and where the Australia job market is heading. When I first returned from the...

Rebecca Kemp, Head of International Partnership Marketing of Uber

hire aspirations testimonial

​I have been lucky enough to be represented by Andy and his team on two occasions both of which ended incredibly successfully. Hire Aspirations will always be my first port of call when looking to further my career. The whole team have a level of trust that has no equal...

Ed Chambers, Director Marketing (SMB Partnerships and Mass) of Optus

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy is one of the most genuine and approachable recruiters that I have had the pleasure to engage with in my career to date. His market knowledge is exceptional and communication style refreshingly open.  I would not hesitate to recommend Andy as a trusted advisor regardless of whether you are...

Louise Rathbone, Regional Head of Marketing & Digital of Cathay Pacific

hire aspirations testimonial

My experience working with Andy, was fantastic, from start to finish. He saw an opportunity for me, and helped make it a reality. He helped me through delays, negotiated and ensured the contract gave me what I deserved. Without Andy I wouldn’t have landed a dream role with Avenue Bank...

Brittany Kettlewell, Senior Brand, Creative & Content Manager of AMP

hire aspirations testimonial

​I have known Andy for several years and he is always the person I reach out to for counsel and guidance as he knows the industry inside out. He has a deep level of expertise and is genuinely passionate about helping people. He is engaging, authentic and really cares about the...

Holly Jonas, Former Director Business Ops & Governance at Optus of Now Brand & Marketing Director at The Bridge International

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy was recommended to me by my brother Serge based on a great experience he’d had with Hire Aspirations. I enjoyed engaging with Andy. He is direct and honest and always kept me informed. Whilst he did not place me in my current role he was a good sounding board...

Yvette Costi, CMO of Blooms The Chemist

hire aspirations testimonial

​I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy as a candidate for several years throughout my marketing career. Andy is a trusted advisor and has been a valuable sounding board to approach regarding career path progression. He is incredibly well connected to top tier brands and hiring executives, has a...

Amanda Fiddes, Executive Manager, Owned Media & Channels of Commonwealth Bank

hire aspirations testimonial

Whilst I've never officially been placed by Andy, he has always been incredibly generous with his time, knowledge and advice.  Andy has been a great sounding board for me as I've navigated my career and also someone I don't hesitate to recommend for candidates looking for their next role.

Tracy Hall, Marketing Consultant of

hire aspirations testimonial

​I would highly recommend Andy to help you on your recruitment journey. I recently secured a wonderful job through Andy’s agency and throughout the process, he was open, honest, quick to respond, highly knowledge and gave great advice. Applying for roles is not an easy process but Andy made it...

Lisa De Vere White, Director of Go-To-Market of Optus

hire aspirations testimonial

I have known Andy a long time both as a colleague and a trusted advisor as far as my career is concerned. He is knowledgeable, well connected and easy to work with. He calls things as they are and works in the genuine interests of both parties to ensure a...

Ben Simmons, Head of Marketing of Oporto (Craveable Brands)

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy and the Hire Aspirations team were instrumental in helping me secure my dream role. His knowledge of the position and requirements of the role, as well as the close relationship he had with the hiring team, ultimately ensured he could find the best match in the interests of both parties. ...

Curt Ebanks, CX Strategy & Ops Director of R.M. Williams

hire aspirations testimonial

I worked with Andy quite closely in relation to a fantastic opportunity for the next step in my career. During the process my circumstances changed and I had to withdraw. Andy was really supportive and helpful throughout that time. As a candidate, I always felt he had my best interest...

Burcak Sezer, Former Director APAC Adult Care Marketing at Kimberly Clark of now Exec GM Marketing & Comma at Newcastle Airport

hire aspirations testimonial

​I can thank Andy for the role I am in today. Thinking laterally, he recognized the transferability of my skills and experience into a sector that, on the face of it, was quite a shift from where I had come. He is great to work with – straight talking, insightful,...

Emma Cusack, GM Vet's Marketing of Greencross/Petbarn

hire aspirations testimonial

​I have worked with Andy for a number of years and my current role is the second career step he has secured for me. Andy is a pleasure to work with. He’s an approachable, straight-talking and authentic individual. Andy is an expert in his field He always strikes up the right...

Gigi Pakrisamy, Director, Customer Marketing of Optus

hire aspirations testimonial

​I have known Andy for over four years. When we first met we spoke mostly about our shared love of rugby, a good measure of him getting to know me as an individual not just a CV. I have used Andy as a personal mentor for...

Karl Roche, Global Head of Marketing of Mark Anthony Brands

hire aspirations testimonial

If you’re thinking about engaging a recruiter, but previous underwhelming experiences make you think twice about it, I warmly recommend you give Andy a call. A rare breed, Andy has the best interests of his candidate at heart. His extensive experience and industry knowledge coupled with his ability to identify...

Carolin Sternberg-Heyze, Head of Brand & Content of hipages

hire aspirations testimonial

​I have engaged with Andy as both candidate and client and can highly recommend him from both perspectives. He is a high calibre professional in his field of expertise. He is very well connected, has a sixth sense to spot great talent and truly understands his clients’ business. When I...

Liisa Kalliomaki, Former Director of Brand of MacQuarie University

hire aspirations testimonial

​I only encountered Andy quite recently but we established a rapport quite quickly. He was knowledgeable, insightful and candid and I felt he genuinely though outside the box as far as career growth and development were concerned. Definitely someone I will keep on my radar.

Anita Ayres, Director of Management Consulting of Consulting by Kantar

hire aspirations testimonial

​Andy is a very well connected recruiter who keeps his candidates best interests at heart by diligently matchmaking our competences and ambitions with the best possible opportunities. 

Sergio Brodsky, Exec Strategy Director of Landor & Fitch

hire aspirations testimonial

My journey with Andy started through an internal recruitment process for my then employer. He handled that process with the utmost professionalism, trust and care. I had subsequent conversations with him regarding my next move and referred other colleagues and peers in my network to connect with Andy as well. 


Dani Zikman, Head of Marketing, Talent Solutions of LinkedIn ANZ

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy differentiates himself from others by being genuinely passionate, honest and professional, allowing him to immediately connect with clients. He took the time to meet with me face to face, asked questions about my background to understand what I was looking for and provided me with solid advice and guidance...

Penelope Chris, ex Director Merchant Marketing & Partnerships of American Express ANZ

hire aspirations testimonial

​My recent experience with Andy was quite brief as I needed to withdraw from the opportunity he was handling. But this was nevertheless an excellent experience. Andy acted as a genuine trusted advisor throughout and I always felt like he had my best interests at heart. He was supportive, empathetic...

Bronwyn Cooper, Head of Marketing of QIC Real Estate

hire aspirations testimonial

We recently sought to find the perfect Marketing Director for the Camilla Tribe and we asked Andy’s advice. His suggested line-up was swift and perfectly matched to our requirements and we were delighted with our eventual appointment. Andy’s refusal to take any payment, due to post-employment restrictions speaks volumes for...

Jane McNally, Chief Executive Officer of Camilla

hire aspirations testimonial

We appointed our Marketing Director through Andy and he was great to work with. He really took the time to get under our skin and understand what makes us unique – he even went to experience some of our classes! The end result was a very strong shortlist and a...

Nerida Wolfers, Former HR and Country Director of Virgin Active

hire aspirations testimonial

I trust Andy. He may not have placed me (yet) and he may not have even recruited for me (yet) but his knowledge, sincerity and approachability make him a go-to advisor when it comes to planning my own career or finding top marketing talent for my team.

Sarah Murdoch, former Head of International Market Development of V2 Food

hire aspirations testimonial

I worked with Andy extensively at CBA as we looked to build a new marketing team within a specific area of the bank. We formed a really productive partnership that yielded some outstanding results. He went to great lengths to unearth exactly what we needed and this kept our internal...

Richard Hindle, Former Principal Recruiter at CBA of Now APAC Talent Acquisition Manager at CBRE

hire aspirations testimonial

I have engaged Andy and his team over a number of years to recruit junior and senior level marketers in the telco and health sectors. On each occasion, he has perfectly interpreted the brief, reacted swiftly and made the experience enjoyable. He is particularly gifted at finding stand-out candidates that wouldn’t have been...

Karen Phipson, General Manager - Workforce of Australian Unity

hire aspirations testimonial

I have worked with Andy for close to five years now and he has become my invaluable and trusted go to person for all things recruitment - both as a client & candidate. Jam packed with industry knowledge and experience, Andy has a unique way of really listening and understanding...

Andrea Darling, ex Head of Marketing of Klarna

hire aspirations testimonial

I really enjoy working with Andy as he is a very genuine person and always on the ball. What's unique about him is that he is fantastic to work with from both sides of the fence; whether helping with recruitment or helping you find the next role - he genuinely cares...

Victoria Primrose, Group Head of Marketing of Rawson Group

hire aspirations testimonial

Business Partner and Subject Matter Expert are thrown around far too easily in recruitment but Andy Rouse is both. I have known Andy as a trusted colleague and a client for over a decade and his knowledge and understanding of career management and talent attraction within marketing (including digital and...

Scott Schroeder, Director, Talent Acquisition, North America of Luxottica

hire aspirations testimonial

I have worked with Andy as both a client and a candidate for the last four years and can happily say that he knows his stuff, tells it as it is and he works hard to find great solutions. His assessments of people are insightful and usually spot on, so...

Sarah Roberts, Former Global Marketing Director at BAI Communications of Now CMO at Boldyn Networks

hire aspirations testimonial

I have worked with Andy on several occasions during my time at Fred Hollows and have always found him to be very thorough, resourceful and accommodating. He is straight-talking, very honest and offers deep insights into his niche specialism of marketing and communications. He is fun to work with and...

Victoria Cawley, (former) Talent Acquisition Manager at Fred Hollows of Now Talent Acquisition Manager at Cochlear

hire aspirations testimonial

Aurora Expeditions had a tough brief to fulfil, as at the time the calibre of the hire required was critical, ahead of a very steep but exciting growth phase for the company. With Andy’s understanding of the nuances of these needs, coupled with his very evident enthusiasm for our business,...

Robert (Bob) Halfpenny, former Managing Director of Aurora Expeditions

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy is one of those few recruitment professionals who genuinely thinks outside the box – and I’m a direct beneficiary of that. Andy approached me with a career-changing role, one I would never have considered but that Andy had recognised suited me perfectly. I’ve also had the pleasure of working...

John Winter, Chief Executive Officer of ARITA

hire aspirations testimonial

I have worked with Andy for several years now and what sets him apart is his deep market knowledge and his desire to really find what is right for me. He doesn’t fill jobs, he gets to the heart of what really matters to a person and then  marries talent...

Flore Vanpoperinghe Benveniste, Marketing Lead proposition of Woolworths at Work

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy approached me about my current role at CBA and right from the outset he took as much time helping me to determine if it was right for me, as whether I was right for them. The process was extensive but Andy kept me informed throughout and was always available...

Ben Stewart, Snr Strategy & Performance Lead of Commonwealth Bank

hire aspirations testimonial

Andy’s intuition when sending me candidates was unlike any recruiter I’d work with previously. One of the roles he recruited, I hired the very first person he sent to me! The process of working with Andy was seamless and successful. I’ve referred many clients and candidates to Andy based on my...

Jacinta Bullock (Crabtree), Former Group Executive, Brand and Stakeholder of Australian Institute of Management