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About Us

It's mainly about you...

It starts with you, not us. We don’t see candidates and clients, we see people. At any one time you may be either, neither or both but you are always a person and that is how we will treat you. So listening is a big thing for us - bit like Mr. Fox here. Understanding your objectives and what is important to you allows us to support you, advise you and even challenge you or disagree with you but our motivation always stems from wanting what is best for you, whether you are hiring or moving. 
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...And a little bit about us

So we have to say, we are marketing recruitment - pure and simple. Our experience in marketing recruitment has been gained over way too many years to admit but this arms us with everything we need to help you when it comes to managing your career or recruiting talent within all facets of marketing and e-commerce. And if The Marketing Academy entrusts us to be part of their final selection process, you can be assured we do know what we are doing. Over the years Andy has interviewed approximately 8,500 marketers of all shapes and sizes and found the next steps in the careers of around 1600 of them.
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Sectors that our curiosity has taken us to

We love the role marketing plays in truly consumer-centric businesses. As a result, our expertise lies in the sectors of Alcohol; Automotive; Beauty & Personal care; Consumer Goods; Education; Fashion; FMCG; Health & Well-being; Leisure & Entertainment; Luxury Goods; NFP; Retail; Retail Financial Services; Telco; Travel Tourism & Hospitality; and Wealth. In short, if marketing has a seat at the top table or at the very least, a loud voice, in your organisation, we want to seek out and land the very best talent for you.
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Doors we can open...

​CMO, Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Brand Director, Head of Brand, Head of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of e-Commerce, e-Commerce Manager, Head of Acquisition, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Head of Growth Marketing, Growth Marketing Manager, Head of Content, Content Manager, Head of Social, Social Media Manager, Head of Loyalty, Loyalty Marketing Manager, Head of CRM, CRM Manager, Head of Sponsorship/Partnerships, Head of Advertising, Advertising Manager. In short - many doors to a great career move or many doors to great talent - depending upon which side you are knocking.
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Where we recruit...

NSW - piece of cake

VIC, QLD, SA - yep

TAS - never say never

WA, NT - let's talk

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