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Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse

0405 622981 Andy Rouse

The irony of being overweight, under-tall and follically challenged in an industry where personal presentation is sometimes a factor in success is not lost on me. Despite these overwhelming odds I have found that I am good at what I do – marketing recruitment.

What makes me better than the next marketing recruiter? Being me! Because my successes are predicated on strong personal relationships and I work hard at these because my business is all about people…not processes, not “deals”, not KPIs, not spreadsheets. Controversial but I like marketers!

Love: Tennis, wine, eating out, my dog, wildlife, animal welfare, The Waratahs (we are in a building phase - honest!), photography
Hate: Aussie speed limits, liver, garlic, most reality TV, animal cruelty, queue jumpers, snakes and don't even get me started on mobile phone zombies!

What you get: integrity, candour, insight (from interviewing over 8500 marketers and having placed approximately 850 of them, I must have learned something), humour, endeavour, resilience and a drive for results. 

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Andy Rouse