Boards without marketers risk getting bitten by a reputational disaster

21 May 2019 Parka


The lack of presence of marketing at the top table has always struck me as incongruent with great business sense. Here, Tim Parker, eloquently makes the case as to why this needs to change. If you look at the fundamental definition of marketing, how can a business not have marketing there. Marketing is the voice of the customer. Without it you are simply producing something you think is wanted and sending out sales people to sell it to anybody who might want it...sure it might work...if you are lucky...or monumentally intuitive. As Tim observes, in many places, marketing has fallen into the short term tactic that can boost sales at critical times...a nice to have...a luxury even. If it had been leading the business in the first place, those critical times would likely have been avoided or at least known about well in advance. Just because we have an abundance of complex, shiny new tools in the box should not detract from our the same way that the Production Director's purpose or value is not diminshed when a new technology hits the market that can reduce manufacturing or operating costs...or several hit all at the same time and he/she has to spend time investigating which, if any, might add value to the business. Over to Tim...he is way more erudite than me...